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Lightspace was founded in 2013. In retrospect, we want to try our original design because of our love of design. We would like to take the lead of the whole home industry to carry out original design,

Established in 2014, Grado means “angle” in Italian. It reminds us to see designs from new perspectives, to pursue a simple and natural style, to design furniture that are related to daily life closely.

deberenn exemplifies international quality through its’ design and production of chairs and sofas for all contract furniture projects. We offer a wide range of activity-based seating arrangements for offices.

Years of experience in the molding of plastics and in metalworking have led to a heightened technical level that shines out through the quality of our products. Our eyes are on the world.

Marmo brings you a world of beautiful, wellmade objects that make any place uniquely yours. Our pledge is to use only noble materials to craft distinctive furniture that deliver warmth