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Grace of dramatic angles
The Alti armchair has been the design’s starting point with its hexagon shape. “Altı” means” six” in Turkish and this is where the name comes from. The hexagon shape is ergonomically angled to provide a nice seating feeling. Its contours balance graceful curves with dramatic angles. By stretching the hexagon shape, two and three seats versions are created and completed the range. Alti is a perfect choice for lounge areas, offices and hospitality spaces where colors and fun needed.
For reclaiming a perfect pleasure, Alti is the result of an attentive search to arouse emotions of the user perceived by sight and touch. The hexagonal form is the key element for this contemporary and casual but always elegant and distinguished armchair. It is undoubtedly one of the most special and innovative ranges on the market. Alti can be upholstered in all fabrics of the deberenn swatch cards specified by the customer.

Light and comfy
With its comfortable, slightly raised and not too deep seat, Another sofa provides a comfy seating in the offices. An elegant base installed between the seat and the arm completes the light look design. Another has chosen a lightweight design which blends flawlessly into the place where it is used and which will remain timeless with its clear lines and original seamed upholstery. The continuous back quilting motif is not only the finishing touch of Another, but also brings the back comfort to users. deberenn’s technology and crafts synergy reveals clearly in this product Another is a contract seating for executive areas and lounges or as a defining statement in restrained interiors. It is available as a single armchair or as a two seats or three seats sofa in leather or fabric with a chromed base.

Restful and joyful waiting
The Aura collection design idea came as our designers began thinking restful lounge concepts. With or without arms and with size alternatives, the sofa offers double color upholstery choices improving the product’s character. Aura’s comfy feeling can give users a restful, joyful waiting time. Aura offers comfort, elegance and flexibility in a very simple but aesthetic way.
Aura also allows you to make modular combinations which is possible to incorporate with metal arms.Aura derives its unique look from its sleek lines, rounded corners and sloping back. Separate elements; a seat with or without arm, a two seats sofa or a three seats sofa, offer alternatives to create your ideal place.
Aura gives a whole new meaning to the word sitting; whether settled in a dynamic or colorful place. The unique Aura collection is perfect fitted in both private and public spaces; in museums and galleries, in lounges and waiting areas, in hotels or clubs.

Enjoy the meal!
Studio deberenn completed the Aura range with Aura café. Restaurant and lounge areas can be designed in a parallel way and designers can keep their own unique space concept. Meal times are now more and more enjoyable as you can relax while eating your food.
The line of Aura survives with the same touch of personality and colorful approach. By offering different heights and widths, Aura Café is able to create café and restaurant solutions as a part of the contract seating market. The double color use and slim line characterizes the interior and gives architects a good chance to design their own atmosphere which can easily match tables, walls, the floor etc., not depending on product design limits. Aura café is a versatile collection of upholstered modular elements that can be arranged in an endless number of configurations to adapt to the most diverse architectural styles and settings. Based around one simple unit or a group of modulation, Aura café can be used for all current office functions associated with soft upholstery such as food courts and breakout areas, meeting spaces and partitioning.
It can be used independently to create private spaces in open plan environments, or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working.
With the new “Extra High” addition, Aura Café now offers you a new look and more privacy with optional side panels and wall units covered with fabric that provides a protective screen against unwanted looks or annoying noises.

A funny ambiance
Aura Light is the unique choice for office and contract solutions where waiting lounges, management offices and all seating needs are solved by one single type of design, completed by colorful upholstery. The stool is offering an added value for comfortable waiting. All angles and details of Aura&Aura Light collection are saved in this light version so we have reached a continuous comfort. Spread Aura light all around and enjoy the colorful and funny ambiance.
This particular armchair allows to make modular combinations or to use as a single module for contract projects, according to the desired dimension to solve the modularity. There is no limit to the compositions; modules can be added ad infinitum. The ergonomics of Aura Light is due to the smoothness of its shapes and materials used. The concept of Aura Light even allows for different combinations of upholstery and colour schemes in the same sofa.

Luxurious comfort of lightness
Cara can match all executive areas and lounges with leather or fabric upholstery. The lightness of design provides maximum comfort with minimum bulk, giving the ability to match any environment needed. Loose cushions and pillows give you rest while you relax. The straight lines of the cubical armrests are punctuated with a casual back. The crafted quality of the upholstery guarantees a long life and a perfect image. Studio deberenn developed a specific design for casual contract seating. This range includes armchairs and sofas in diverse sizes with corner modules and add-ons. Co-coordinating low tables with lacquered tops also complete the picture in the Cara family.
The balanced proportions of Cara and the interaction of its volumes are expressions of the comfort and gracefulness. This timeless design has the clean lines of Cara family which makes it suitable for all kinds of environments in any of its versions. The back and seat cushions of the sofa strengthen the design and basically give a comfortable seating.
MDF lacquered box design is completed with 5 different products metal legs to match each one. Cara legs can be both chromed and powder coated.
Its calm expression and surface make it equally fit for use in the ever-changing environment of an office, as well as in your home. Alone or in a group, as a side table or a coffee table, the design of Cara pleases diverse needs and fits very well with all deberenn collection.

Isolated and relaxed sitting
As designers, we believe that Cara Highline is an absolutely stunning and simple design with a touch to fulfill the trends and privacy solutions with minimal design. The target was for all to feel comfortable at home, close your eyes and have a rest, and so the result was amazing. Straight clear lines define the privacy boundaries so the users are partly isolated from the environment.
As part of the Cara family, Cara Highline answers the need for privacy in open areas with a link panel addition. You can be in a lounge space, but still feel alone and comfortable while checking your mail or having a phone call. With its medium and high options, Highline is a perfect and comfy solution. Make your meetings on the pod table, welcome your guests being isolated from the rest of the surrounding.
For enhanced privacy, available as a unit, two or three seats sofa both with standard and L arms, Cara High is the ideal product for the modern working environments where personal touchdown spaces and informal meeting areas are the norm. Cara High can be used independently to create private spaces in open plan environments, or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working. Its contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise.
The brand new member of this family is Cara Extra High which all the sofas can be with L arms or short arms. The perfecting touch of the Cara Extra High is a roof top that instantly turns the sofa, panel and pod table combination into a little room and gives you the perfect privacy. The user can choose an upholstered Cara High back panel with cable conduit to mount a media unit. As an alternative to the closed roof option, the open top structure allows the ambient light to pass through the system. Cara High Extra is definitely one of the most assertive piece of deberenn collection.

Aesthetics in timeless look
We design as per needs of the customers. The existence of Cara brought us into the design of Cara Small with less but never less in comfort. Cara family is our way to bring a simple idea into a wider solution.
Cara Small, as a cost and effective revision of Cara, provides a lightness of design for space saving projects. Today’s offices and spaces are designed with a minimum amount of square meters for a maximum amount of comfort. Our choice of product is obvious; Cara Small can solve this problem by minimizing the mother product Cara.
With its comfortable, slightly raised and not too deep seat, Cara Small provides a graceful insight to all the lounge sofas of today. Simply slim, clean lines and an elegant base constitutes a timeless design. The collection comprises of armchairs offered as a low leg and as a high leg options, two seats sofa and a three seats sofa that all demonstrate excellent attention to detail and superior upholstery. Fully upholstered in any fabric or leather, Cara Small is the perfect statement piece guaranteed to impress people.

Simple but sharp
City is a minimalist sofa, designed by Christophe Pillet and is characterized by a cubical and gentle form that invites interaction between people. City, with its puffy seats and backs, provides a relaxed and comfortable feeling.
“With this collection, I wanted to design simple but “sharp” products, where the idea of Relaxing/Waiting remains a dynamic fact in opposition of Soft/Lazy/Static impression”, says Christophe Pillet.
City carries the same characteristic features of Christopher Pillet’s designs in elegancy and functionality. This sofa group is like an answer to all your needs with its sleek design and rich product family and modularity whether as a single chair, two or three seats or as a large corner configuration. With this contemporary sofa unit, dynamic layouts suitable for modern designed individual or public areas, from a cozy apartment to a spacious lounge can be created. Comfort, elegancy and serenity come to life with City. Esthetic legs are the parts of its modern look and with its color options, it helps catching the desired effect where it is used.
It is one of the most creative thinking and inovative designed sofas in the market. With its elegant and sturdy shaped form, City provides tremendous comfort and perfect harmony in creating a functional living spaces.

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