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cara high

Isolated and relaxed sitting
As designers, we believe that Cara Highline is an absolutely stunning and simple design with a touch to fulfill the trends and privacy solutions with minimal design. The target was for all to feel comfortable at home, close your eyes and have a rest, and so the result was amazing. Straight clear lines define the privacy boundaries so the users are partly isolated from the environment.
As part of the Cara family, Cara Highline answers the need for privacy in open areas with a link panel addition. You can be in a lounge space, but still feel alone and comfortable while checking your mail or having a phone call. With its medium and high options, Highline is a perfect and comfy solution. Make your meetings on the pod table, welcome your guests being isolated from the rest of the surrounding.
For enhanced privacy, available as a unit, two or three seats sofa both with standard and L arms, Cara High is the ideal product for the modern working environments where personal touchdown spaces and informal meeting areas are the norm. Cara High can be used independently to create private spaces in open plan environments, or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working. Its contoured design has been intentionally developed to reduce peripheral vision and external noise.
The brand new member of this family is Cara Extra High which all the sofas can be with L arms or short arms. The perfecting touch of the Cara Extra High is a roof top that instantly turns the sofa, panel and pod table combination into a little room and gives you the perfect privacy. The user can choose an upholstered Cara High back panel with cable conduit to mount a media unit. As an alternative to the closed roof option, the open top structure allows the ambient light to pass through the system. Cara High Extra is definitely one of the most assertive piece of deberenn collection.