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Pure stylish design
Familiar, but the surprisingly modern Nero is especially great with its separate back that brings comfort. Forward inclining armrests makes the product the best choice for daily office usage. The curves of the back and the angle between arms and the back produce a light design, especially for the workplace.
This chair, of versatility and pure stylish design, is formed with straight lines smoothened with soft curves giving it a distinct look. The principle of Nero’s design is to form a single block shell shaped with a seat back and armrest, which are mounted in different bases and all have their own identity. The only common element is that the shell can be properly upholstered to offer a perfect comfort.
We love the smart and elegant contours yet generous proportions of Nero that promises a high sitting comfort. The wide range bases make Nero adaptable for any executive lounge, reception or meeting area. Nero gives your workspace an instant edge and perfect for those moments when you want to gather your thoughts.

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