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Nors dining table

SOK, (Social Office Kitchen) is a table system which contains together the necessities of three different spaces in a single project that aims to the everyday conviviality… office, home and coffe bar. The main word is maximum flexibility. Screens, containers, equipped wall and the induction plate are its accessories through which it is possi-ble to configure SOK at will. The innovative screens “open and close” and fan-shaped together with the wooden containers allow an immediate division between the two spaces. It is possible to pass from a working area to a dining area, to a privacy one and, why not, to a convivial one in a few simple movements. Aside from its accessories, the finishing of its plans and its structure are, without doubt, what make SOK further flexible and customisable to every environment.

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Nors features a MDF table top that finished in an eco non-toxic paint coating that is ultra durable. Various shapes of tops and different heights of bases can meet all your tabling requirements. custom made dining table | custom made tables | custom dining room table