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A gently designed sofa
Onda, a sofa of timeless elegance, geometric approach can bring fashionable fabrics with a simple design attitude. Frame of wood with highly resistant foam on a light metal base, the upholstery looks like it is floating in a geometric frame. Even the comfort has not been the first idea; in this floating geometry, we have reached our destination.
The stainless-steel feet with a light perception, is absolutely strong enough to make the seat fly. Lines and volumes, hard and soft, heavy and lightweight are clearly separated from one another and yet together have a unique effect.
Onda is a compact sofa with its soft lines and is conceived with the aim of satisfying the requirements for each project. The geometric form, assorted color combinations of upholstery, elegant stainless stell feet help creating dynamic layouts suitable for modern designed individual or public areas from futuristic homes to minimalist meeting rooms.