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Sleek and versatile design
Positiva caters for the needs of the modern working environment. The sleek design of the sofa makes it a perfect choice for office and lounge areas. The sofa can be used for small group meetings after adding the high back. This acoustic privacy unit is added-on the standard sofa and this screen-like addition isolates the users from the environment. The fully upholstered shell with its closed armrests provides a high degree of seating comfort and two seats and three seats versions are offered both for the low and high versions. By using suitable model, reception areas and lounges become productive areas for the exchange of ideas and meetings or simply places for relaxing. Positiva, an aesthetic lounge sofa, fits perfectly in all kinds of styles with its clear and timeless appearance. The sofas can be upholstered in any of the leathers and fabrics from deberenn swatch cards specified by the customer.