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Concentration in functionality
Positiva is a family that grows like a flower from the ground, beginning with the armchair and sofa. It’s a simple, well-proportioned concept that sits on an elegant rotating four-star base. After adding the hood to the armchair, the chair becomes an acoustic tranquil space. If you want some alone time for a private time to make a phone call, or surf the net, the hooded chair can be rotated so you are not facing an audience.
Designed by David Fox, Positiva is a playful chair ideally suited to the contemporary workplace. It can be used independently to create private spaces in open plan environments, or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working. Positiva is a complement making perfect sense for the open and communicative lounge modules, adding an ideal element for middle zones, reception areas or even schools.

Squaro, the freedom of movement is not limited and sitting will be more pleasant.
Squaro, a chair with strong characteristic feautures, has an image suggesting the idea of relaxation.
Combining style and versatility Squaro is an ideal chair for modern workplaces, for meeting rooms, breakout areas, dining areas and any interior environments.
Squaro collection is not available in the UK.