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A high quality sofa-bed
Our research showed that hospitals are always looking for a bed solution for a patient’s companion. It can be opened easily and also be as small as possible when folded to fulfill hospital needs as a bed. Visto is not only a good solution for hospitals, but also helps your comfort at home. It provides quality and its’ look is the same as a regular sofa which is durable and comfortable. The technique and high quality of the mechanism brings Visto to a higher competition with its durability and easy usage. Optional electricity socket offers users a functional usage where all portables devices can be easily charged.
Visto is a sofa-bed which starts from three fundamental principles: functionality, comfort and versatility. It is defined by the simplicity of its mechanism and the great comfort of both options; the sofa and the bed. Balanced proportions are a top performance of design. The working of the mechanism is very simple; you only need to lift the seat slightly and pull it outwards. This movement releases the brake that prevents involuntary movements in the resting position.